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What is the cause of the discoloration of magnesium sulphate?


    Magnesium sulphate is generally white. Sometimes due to the chemical changes that will cause discoloration, there are many reasons for the discoloration. Natural environment, human factors and other factors can cause this. Question, this article will give you a detailed analysis of the reasons for the discoloration.

    1. Magnesium sulphate is easily soluble in water and has strong activity. Adding other colors of metal, other colors are obviously enhanced, and the overall color is changed.

    2. Depending on the characteristics of heavy metals, the sensitivity of magnesium sulphate is also different.

    3. During the preparation process, the main body is active through ion reaction and oxidation. If heavy metal elements are infiltrated, since they are impurity ions, the lattice curve deforms and loses symmetry, showing an effect.

    4. Generally speaking, the body is white, and it is inevitable to interfere with other substances in application. The color of heavy metals is heavy, and the whiteness has a significant effect. For example, chromium, manganese, iron, copper, drill bits, cerium, vanadium, lead and other heavy metals constitute impurities. Even a small amount can produce the color of heavy metals.

    5. Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate with different addition amount and characteristics of heavy metals has different color changes. The rutile type is sensitive to the influence of impurities. When the content of rutile type iron oxide exceeds 0,003%, a color appears, and when the content of anatase type exceeds 0,009%, a color reaction occurs.

    Everyone knows the cause of the discoloration of magnesium sulphate. In fact, as a chemical substance, it can chemically change with many substances to cause color change. Of course, we can take corresponding solutions to prevent the addition of discolored substances and prevent discoloration.