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Magnesium sulphate manufacturers introduce the role of magnesium sulphate in medical treatment


    The magnesium sulphate product produced by magnesium sulphate manufacturers is a compound widely used in various industries. It is a mineral form of salt, which exists in the general geological environment. Many people don't know much about the products of magnesium sulphate manufacturers, so let the magnesium sulphate manufacturers introduce them in detail.

    1. Magnesiumsulphate produced by oral magnesium sulphate manufacturers cannot be absorbed, so osmotic pressure is formed in the intestines, thereby maintaining a large amount of water in the intestines, and stimulating bowel movements and defecation. Magnesium sulphate is mainly used to eliminate intestinal toxins and the catharsis effect of some repellents. In addition, it has a bile effect and is used for obstructive jaundice and chronic cholecystitis. It can be divided into injection and powder.

  2. the magnesium sulphate products of magnesium sulphate manufacturers can be used for wet and hot compresses to reduce swelling. The concentration is fifty percent. The traditional methods of treating lumbar disc prominence include medication, plaster of paris, traction, acupuncture and moxibustion, closed treatments, and other conservative treatments. Conservative treatments have no roots, have short effects, can be repeated, and cannot reduce the work pressure of the intervertebral disc from the source. , Can not make the intervertebral disc timid, so magnesium sulphate can be used to reduce the disease.

    The above content is that magnesium sulphate manufacturers introduce the role of magnesium sulphate products in medical treatment, hoping to bring some help to people.