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What are the benefits of magnesium sulphate to human health?


  The magnesium sulphate products we usually produce are of good quality, reasonable price, and excellent process design, which are widely praised by customers. Let us briefly introduce the benefits of magnesium sulphate to the human body:

  1. Magnesium plays an important role in the metabolism of sugar and protein. If children who are growing and developing suffer from indigestion, they should be supplemented with magnesium salts and vitamin D. 

  2. Magnesium has many physiological functions similar to potassium. As the clinical manifestations of magnesium deficiency are similar to potassium deficiency, magnesium deficiency is often overlooked. When the symptoms are not improved after potassium supplementation during potassium deficiency, the possibility of magnesium deficiency should be considered, so that hypomagnesemia can be corrected in time. Therefore, long-term infusion patients should pay attention to magnesium supplementation while supplementing potassium. Adding 1 gram of magnesium sulphate to the daily infusion can prevent the occurrence of hypomagnesemia.

  3. When using the drug for patients with cardiac insufficiency, magnesium salts can be supplemented appropriately to prevent low magnesium and aggravate its toxicity. Clinically, magnesium salts are often effective in treating tachycardia.

    When using magnesium sulphate in normal times, it must be used in accordance with the doctor's instructions for daily use.